Live Artists Production Inc. translates “ambitious ideas” to “iconic
shows” that will be applauding and praiseworthy in the eyes of the audience.
            Three decades of creative, innovating and aspiring production, shows and
events, not only locally but internationally, this company continues to set the
bar high in providing different forms of entertainment and live, worthy
experiences for its audience, and this is only the beginning for Live Artists
Production Inc.
            For 30 years of display of production excellence, the company
continuously works hard to be one of the leading companies in the heart of the
entertainment industry, thriving in its work to even greater heights.
            People in the entertainment industry, the enumerable artists, the
supportive guests and audiences who have been a witness to this company’s
shows and events can surely speak with confidence that Live Artists Production
Inc. has clearly evolved throughout the years, from its humble beginnings, this
company now stands proud more than ever, playing a significant part in the
entertainment history.
           Paving the path to perfecting show production, the company remains true
to its values and visions when it comes to creating and providing live
entertainment to the people through working with the industry’s bests - from
singers, concert performers, comedians, and collaborating with the greatest
minds of local and foreign entertainment industry, made it possible for Live
Artists Production Inc. to mount the successful and iconic shows that certainly
became a part of history.
           Not being limited within its countries borders, this company widens its
business relations to international grounds, producing admirable international
shows and events that was met with vigorous applause and praiseworthy words
especially by the international spectators. The company believes in supporting
one’s own, that is why it does its very best in bringing Filipino artists to different
countries to perform and showcase its talents, in a way this will help market the
Filipino talent to the rest of the world, with places like Europe, Middle East,
United States, United Kingdom, Asia, and Australia.
           Fully supporting and promoting across all genres, the company composed
of trained professionals with years of expertise in their respective fields, opted to
extend its services as a production arm, concert producer, marketing, and
booking agent. In fact, the team takes full responsibility in staging the event to
marketing and publicity and the production works.
           The company’s “ambitious ideas” would be brought into life into “iconic
shows” that will most certainly be applauding and praiseworthy in the eyes of
the audience. That with every show and events, the audience will have an
experience like no other.
“Making a mark in history, One show at a time”
- live artist production inc.

Live Artists Production Inc. 2019